Erica was the doula of my dreams! My husband and I felt incredibly lucky to find her. I was hoping for an unmedicated vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) at the hospital. I was insecure about many things: the likely large size of this baby (my first was quite big), my ability to cope with labor pain (I had gladly accepted the epidural with my first), and contingency plans for a family-friendly c-section, if needed.
Erica addressed all these concerns and many more. Her positive influence began the moment we first spoke on the phone. Her manner, questions, and information made me feel encouraged and much more confident. She connected really well with both me and my husband, so we knew we would be not just comfortable but grateful to have her with us during such a special, personal, and life-changing event. The resources she provided in her visits, her openness, and warm personality helped us feel as prepared as possible for the delivery. I began to look forward to labor instead of dread it.

Erica checked in frequently in the weeks leading up to the due date. On the big day, she was invaluable. I don’t know how I would have made it through transition and three hours of pushing without her. With each painful contraction and many moments when I felt like giving up, Erica was there with gentle, effective instructions about coping techniques and words of encouragement. When my baby girl finally arrived–a successful vbac–I felt victorious and amazed.
Pregnancy and delivery obviously involve many uncontrollable factors, so the best we can do is take the elements we can control and make decisions that will make us more comfortable, more confident, and increase our chances for the birth experience we hope for. Connecting with Erica was a great decision. I highly recommend Erica as a doula!


I was so excited to be Erica’s first doula client! Her enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge made me feel certain she was the one I wanted by my side for the birth of my first child. I wanted an unmedicated vaginal hospital birth, and Erica came with a set of skills that made me feel confident that this was possible. Knowing that Erica had personally birthed two children without any meds gave me the confidence that she could coach me through this. Not only did she prepare us with information and good preparation beforehand (during multiple visits), but during the birth she did an amazing job of keeping me grounded and focused. My labor was long and not without complications, but Erica was by my side the whole way. She never failed to suggest new coping techniques when I needed them, and knew when to give me some space when I wanted to just close my eyes and breathe for a while. Also, she was a great help involving my husband in the labor and birth, without him feeling pressured or overwhelmed. 

After 28 hours, my beautiful baby boy was born. Even though in the end I did not get to have the unmedicated birth I had hoped for, the experience I had with Erica made the entire birth an amazing and unforgettable experience.  Her postpartum visit was also wonderful. Her care and love of the baby and passion for the job is so genuine, plus she has a great personality and is fun to be around.  I highly recommend Erica, and if we decide to have another baby I definitely plan to have her there!                                            -V. V.

Erica supported us in welcoming our first daughter, “J” into the world this past summer. My husband and I appreciated Erica’s breadth of services including her consistent availability for phone calls, visits, and text messages when we had questions or concerns (or just wanted to share excitement!). Erica supported us by meeting with us face to face a few times before and after J’s birth, providing us with links to articles and video clips that answered questions we had or facilitated discussions about topics we were navigating. Erica continued her professional training while working with us, and after every training she enthusiastically shared her new learning and her passion for her work was evident! Not only was Erica accessible to us before and after J’s birth, but during the labor and delivery Erica made me feel as though she was right by my side every minute I wanted her there, and also accepted stepping out of the room to give us private time whenever we asked for it. She brought with her a variety of tools and resources, some of which were perfect for us. Erica clearly took the time to get to know us and was very thoughtful about our hopes and intentions for J’s birth. This became evident when we had to “throw our birth plan out the window” because our daughter’s journey necessitated all kinds of decisions that we hadn’t planned on having to make. Erica took each step in stride and encouraged us quietly, softly, and with compassion every step of the way. Finally, I was a client who pursued information relentlessly. One of Erica’s many strengths as a Doula is the willingness to say “I don’t know…”, which is ALWAYS quickly followed with “…but I can look into it.” Thank you, Erica for your important role in the healthy and delightful experience of our daughter’s birth!

-A & E Knudson

I would highly recommend Erica as a birth doula. She was caring, thoughtful and endlessly positive during the birth of my son Ezra.  I chose to have a natural VBAC and am very glad I had Erica by my side throughout the whole day.  We also chose to use the hpynobirthing method, and she spent the entire early labor at my house (from 8:30am!) reading the scripts to me.  She had an endless list of coping techniques (and I tried them all) and she worked seamlessly with my husband and I until well after midnight.  You will not be disappointed with her as your doula.


Erica joined my husband and me for the birth of our first baby, and she was positively incredible. I felt a big “click” with her personality the first time I met her for our consultation. Through the following months and meetings, everything went great; she was very reliable and attentive. When it came time for the birth itself, she had a great intuition about what I needed in every moment. Also at the birth were my husband and my best friend of 10 years, and amazingly, I felt just as comfortable and confident with Erica’s presence as I did with theirs. She has a calm and focused energy that I really drew from during transition — such a voice of reason and encouragement. Our interactions following the birth have been just as great. In short, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. If I ever have another baby in the Seattle area, I will want Erica as my doula again, and I would strongly suggest her to any expectant parents.


We absolutely loved having Erica as our doula.  She is cheerful and always prompt and professional.  She went above and beyond our expectations by coaching us on different breathing patterns and positions since that was one of our biggest fears going into the birth.  She continues to take classes and learn the latest techniques in pain management.  We loved that she brought hand-outs to our meetings and was always prepared.  Whenever I asked a question she would email back with her opinion and helpful links as well.  She also lent us her Penny Simkim birth dvd.  Erica is a full time teacher during the school year but that does not make her a less effective doula despite that she only doulas in the summer.  Her naturally calm and upbeat persona imbue her with the talents and traits you want in a doula.  We loved working with her.  I highly recommend using Erica as your birth doula!



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